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Our Mission

Landscape Vraj to create an environment that keeps the pilgrims in the divine bliss of Shrinathji, Shri Yanumaji and ShriMahaprabhuji

Manage wetlands, woodlands and development of Vraj in a way that preserves and enriches the environment for generations to come

Keep our Vraj clean, inside and outside to create a pristine atmosphere

Weekly Highlights


This week was focused on cleanup, weeding, and planting some perennials

One of the black eyed susan vines had not survived near Giriraj ji entrance. We picked up a couple of them and planted them

We also planted Houtenia in the wilderness behind Shri Giriraj ji.


This week was focussed on making the Nandalay Gradens a bit more weed-free

Clearing weeds at the Giriraj ji gardens, weeding, pruning the hedges

Clearing weeds at the Yamunaji Garden, which included pulling off a TON of Thistle invading our Tulsi ji Kyaro

Saw more than 300 Vraj visitors - It was 'Shri Girirajji Festival' and unlike the regular crowded darshan, we had darshan in batches. Much more peaceful this way.

Also installed and tested a few security cams in the Subodhini building


Our Blogging Beta Site is up with our first blog!

Hi and Welcome from the Vraj Beautification Team!
Ganesh Chaturthi!
This is the Shri Ganesh (beginning) of an experiment to have a forum to share news, views and pics of vraj and its beautiful and serene Vraj Bhumi(campus).


Planting new Black Susan Vines @ Giriraj ji

Weeding @ Nandalay, Giriraj ji & Butterfly Garden

Repair of leaks & drippers @ Giriraj ji

Checking audio setup between Nandalay and Suvidha Sadan

Plan for Upcoming Weekend

Maintenance - mulching, weeding, fertilizing and spraying insecticide across the campus

Fix landscaped Vraj sign by Manor road entrance

Design new garden by Ratanchok -the main Nandalay entrance (by flag poles)

Arranging our new storage space & tools

VRAJ Address - 51 Manor Road Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972 , Directions
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